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Cosy Sino-Russian relationship is going to keep global inflation elevated

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China’s diplomats have been keen to stress their strengthening strategic ties:
Insulating against the cold winds of rising rates

In this blog we will explain why and how we are using contingent convertible bonds to mitigate the worst effects of rising interest rates.

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The bat-terfly effect: the crisis in supply chains

The crisis in supply chains we see presently is something I like to dub the “bat-terfly effect”: how one small bat (or one small lab, depending on your origin preference theory) led to a crisis in containerships

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QT – the chart of truth

By creating pounds, dollars, euros or any other currency, the world’s central banks stimulate economies by buying government bonds or other financial asset…

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ECB between a rock and… soft credit

“Whatever it takes” was uttered by Mario Draghi in 2012 in an attempt to put an end to the European sovereign debt crisis. In the process it provided the backstop the market was looking for and provided a suitably accommodative monetary policy to support European government bond and European credit markets.

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