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The Plastic Problem

What we can expect from central banks this week

It’s a monster week for central bank policy with some potentially big decisions to be made not only at home in the UK, but most importantly out of the US too.

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Climbing the Slope (of the Yield Curve)

The years since the Global Financial Crisis have been hard for the banking system. There has been the very obvious damage wrought upon economies from lost growth, but there has also been the less obvious hit to returns brought about…

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Yep, saving the planet is definitely inflationary

We’ve firmly been in “camp transitory” when it comes to inflation but nonetheless have also been very worried that inflation could be stickier than both the market and central bankers think. It was clear to …

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Central Banks – Pandemic end game in sight

The rise of the pandemic across the world resulted in unprecedented support from governments and central banks alike. Whilst furlough and company support schemes were rolled out by respective governments across the western world, central banks also went to town in their levels of monetary easing…

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