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Silicon Valley Bank

When we look at a simple bank balance sheet today, on one side we see deposits from customers. These form the core stable funding for the bank which allows loans to be made on the other side of the balance sheet. This, however, introduces one of the main issues for the system.
Not in it for the duration

There has scarcely been a better time not to own duration risk, just look at the shape of the yield curve.

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Winter is here

Six months ago, I was cautiously concerned about the impending ‘Winter of Doom’ descending on Europe. And winter is finally here now. Or is it?

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Where to buy bonds in the great debt eradication

I know what you’re thinking, a fixed income manager says “buy bonds”. What a surprise. But actually, I think the opposite. I’m not saying “now is the time to buy bonds.” Well, not all bonds.

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Solo Man Climbs Rock Wall
Scaling the wall of worry

Back in March, shortly after Russia had invaded Ukraine, driving both energy and food prices higher, I wrote that the sharply negative reaction in markets might have been driven by fears over the sustainability of bank dividend distributions to both their shareholders and AT1 bondholders

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