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Raising the debt ceiling has implications for financial markets

With a tentative deal being reached on raising the US borrowing limit and saving the country from catastrophic default, Simon Prior looks at the close relationship between dollar liquidity and financial markets
AT1: The regulator has your back

According to Bloomberg yesterday, the European Banking Authority has been holding talks on ways to boost investor interest in the AT1 market after Switzerland’s shock decision to wipe out $17bn of Credit Suisse notes.

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UniCredit to Early Redeem EU1.25bn AT1 Subordinated Notes

This is the headline we were greeted with this morning. In the first potential, optional redemption of an AT1 bond since the UBS purchase of Credit Suisse, UniCredit has elected to redeem or “call” its AT1 at the first call date.

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Is Chinese decoupling possible?

Perhaps the greatest realisation over the last 3 years for corporations and governments has been the extent to which the global supply chain is ultimately dependent on China for labour, materials, and transportation…

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Silicon Valley Bank

When we look at a simple bank balance sheet today, on one side we see deposits from customers. These form the core stable funding for the bank which allows loans to be made on the other side of the balance sheet. This, however, introduces one of the main issues for the system.

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