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Winter is coming

Abhayjeet Singh Bal, credit analyst in Pemier Miton’s fixed income team, explains why they remain underweight in Europe as a result of continuing concerns about the impact of the energy crisis on European companies.
Is there a scenario whereby recession equals even more inflation?

The current narrative reads that we have high inflation and central banks are getting serious about tackling it. This will result in lower growth and with lower growth comes lower demand which will automatically bring down inflation. There is another, more worrying scenario that could play out, especially in Europe.

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Does Elon have a point?

Whilst ESG scores are supposed to represent strong Environmental, Social and Governance credentials, S&P’s latest update to the S&P ESG Index has firmly cemented the topic as a grey area for investors.

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Cosy Sino-Russian relationship is going to keep global inflation elevated

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China’s diplomats have been keen to stress their strengthening strategic ties:

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Insulating against the cold winds of rising rates

In this blog we will explain why and how we are using contingent convertible bonds to mitigate the worst effects of rising interest rates.

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