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Having lived and breathed bonds all our working lives, myself and my colleagues in the Premier Miton fixed income team wanted to share more of our thinking about bond markets and bond investing.

Are bonds and bond investing really that complicated? We want to use our blog to help cut through the jargon and take you inside the bond market – what’s it really like to make investors’ cash work as hard as possible by investing in bonds.

With decades of experience, our team at Premier Miton are able and willing educators on the drivers of the fixed income market.

The most wonderful thing about the bond market is it is so richly diverse. It is after all the largest securities market on earth offering what seems like limitless opportunities.

The bond market in total is estimated at well over US$100trn and the global credit market is three times the size of the global equity market.

Bonds can be used to give a range of outcomes – a portfolio diversifier or risk hedge, capital preservation and appreciation or income. As a portfolio management team we are able to use this diversity to drive consistent returns, whether it be in government bonds, investment grade corporates, high yield corporates or indeed, our particular area of strength – financials.

And it is consistent returns that’s our primary focus, so feel free to contact us with views and thoughts, but be patient – it’s investing first and blog second!

Lloyd Harris
Head of Fixed Income

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